I suppose I’m too late for the garden theme 21

another old one

Tiny plants.

Albert Hammond, Jr. and then-girlfriend, Agyness Deyn

Hi fab followers, my band is releasing our first full length album this summer without the help from a record label and weve minimized the costs as much as we can with an ending rough cost estimate of $20,000.

Kind of insane. But were PASSIONATE about this, giving it everything and making it happen and anything you can contribute wil help! Even if its just sharing this video!

Want a copy of the album? exclusive t shirts? EXEC producer credit? to be flown out to LA to track on the album?? YOUR NAME TATTOOED ON GUNNER OR JORDANS BODY??? (i dont know why you would but who knows maybe you into that shiiiiiiiit) Lets get weird, as weird as this video.

Please spread the word and help us achieve our dreams while getting rad music out to you.


if youd like to listen to some lovely tunes: :)

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Marionnette /Muppet , 1972
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"Wrist Instructions" drawing from my new zine Slurricane #7. buy it for just $5 on my bigcartel site!